Leading with Confidence in God

November 2, 2021

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The HFH board had a rare opportunity and great privilege to meet face-to-face with Pastor Delamy on October 9th. We praise God that he was able to travel safely and meet with us.

There is something unique and special about hearing stories and being able to pray over someone in-person that is missing over Zoom. It was an incredible time together. HFH is thankful to the Lord that we have a leader in Pastor Delamy who we can partner with during these difficult times in Haiti.

There are many characteristics that describe a great leader. One came to the surface during our time together: Pastor Delamy is a man of confidence. His confidence is not one that comes from his own wisdom or experience. His confidence comes from his relationship with God. The current situation in Haiti can bring fear and Pastor Delamy is well aware of the risks every day as he serves people.

Much like the apostle Paul in the Bible, Pastor Delamy moves forward every day with prayer and confidence with his eyes focused on Jesus. The Lord continues to do great work in Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities through this partnership.

Please keep Pastor Delamy in your prayers.

by Jordan Young, HFH board member

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