Raising Hope: Snapshots

November 20, 2013

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The Haiti Foundation of Hope board members and friends returned from eight days in Terre Blanche. Since HFH’s inception in 2005, there have been many changes in this remote area. In recent years the activities here have focused on four major areas:

The HFH board determined it was time for all members to be up to speed with the current activities in each program in Terre Blanche as we plan for the future. To assist the board in this endeavor, three guests were invited to join the board with expertise in agriculture, business and fundraising. Time was taken to listen as well as to ask questions of our Haitian partners and then pray together. Much was learned and encouragement was shared both ways.

The team.

Snapshots of what we did:

Cared for a severely burned baby.

Team member and baby.

Observed the training of hand washing, which is leading to improved health.

Saw the over-crowding in the secondary school classrooms. Solutions need to be discussed.

A few team members worked with Haitians to install a solar pump for the new well next to the clinic. For many years water for the compound was carried by hand from a well ¼ mile downhill. Now there is water in the kitchen, drinking water for the 1,000 students, hand washing water, water in the clinic, water for the employees and the cisterns are full. There is much joy around the compound!

With all this new information, the work of planning for the future begins.  Thank you for your support during this exciting and rewarding time!

Linda and Joe Markee, October 2013 team members

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