Raising Hope: Community Health

November 11, 2013

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Mothers Club

Thanks to the generous outpouring of support for the Community Health program, our partners are continuing to make great strides in the fight against maternal and childhood diseases.

Mothers clubs in the three new villages bring women together for fellowship, support, and learning about how to keep themselves and their kids healthy. Monthly growth monitoring posts for nutrition have also expanded to the new villages.

In the last two months, the volunteer health workers have received comprehensive training on pneumonia and HIV. With this base of knowledge and the ongoing technical and financial support of HFH, these well-prepared leaders will now visit homes to teach families how to prevent these diseases. They are ready to detect children who need treatment for pneumonia and provide home based care for HIV patients. Soon they will be trained in TB prevention and treatment as well.

Steve and Beth Sethi, HFH board members

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