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March 29, 2024

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Rally Post


For many years, the Clinic of Hope has used its facilities and staff to provide programs to care for those in the surrounding areas. Three of these programs are: Rally posts, Tifoye, and Home Visits.

Clinic of Hope’s Dr. Marck-Edwidge Jadotte describes the importance of home visits with his words and photographs: “Home visits mean to know the community, stay in touch with its realities, listen to the problems and find solutions. This helps us to control the health of an individual and family at risk.”

It is with these ideas in mind that providers from the Clinic of Hope recently carried out early morning home visits in the area of Tête Canal.  This is a well-known area to previous team members.

These programs continue even during the unrest Haiti is experiencing and are especially important when food resources are difficult to afford or find.

We are so pleased to be working with such dedicated and caring professionals at the Clinic of Hope.

by Joe Markee, MD, HFH Founder Emeritus

Home Visits to Tete Canal

Starvation is an on-going concern. This child with the bowl says it all.

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