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Providing medical help in the United States
June 14, 2019

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Medical teams with Haiti Foundation of Hope, traveling from the United States to the Clinic of Hope in Terre Blanche, have the opportunity to do more than provide direct care at the clinic.

Going home to continue recovery.

This was the case in February 2018 when Dr. Lidonaise, the dentist who works part-time at the Clinic of Hope, brought her niece to be examined by visiting team doctors. It was discovered that she had tetralogy of fallot, a heart defect that is present at birth and which is typically corrected by open heart surgery during the first year of life.

Dr. Lidonaise’s niece was 19 years and had lived much longer than expected with this condition. However, by the time she was seen at the Clinic of Hope, she was severely short of breath and barely able to walk. She was referred to a cardiologist in Port-au-Prince and seen by each visiting team during the following year.

Her health continued to decline and she had expressed to those around her, “It’s so hard day to day to know if I will ever get any help.”

Help did come for Dr. Lidonaise’s niece. With the help of doctors on the HFH team, and in conjunction with other U.S.-based doctors and hospitals, she traveled to Baylor, Texas, and had surgery to correct her condition. Her surgery was successful and she is recovering well.

This is the fourth young person who has been identified by HFH team doctors and who received life-saving care that is not available in Haiti.

Please pray with us as we thank God for making this surgery possible, that the surgery went well, and to ask that recovery for this young woman goes well.

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