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July 17, 2019

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I have been traveling to Haiti with HFH for over ten years now and I am sad to say that my Creole is still quite limited.

Our incredible interpreters allow us to connect and communicate with the Haitian healthcare providers and neighbors in Terre Blanche, but I long for the day that I may be able to speak with my friends without a translator.

This year, due to the civil unrest, I have not been able to take advantage of the natural immersion that happens on our visiting teams: hearing the language spoken, seeing the signs, practicing colors and numbers with the kids.

Instead, I tried to find some new ideas for continuing my slow language learning.

Prayers such as this one: 

Lord, How glad we are that we don’t hold you, but that you hold us.

Senye, Ala nou kontan se pa nou k’ap kenbe ou men se ou k’ap kenbe nou.

by Katie Thom, HFH board member

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