Responding to Hunger

June 28, 2020

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Last week, mothers gathered under the shade inside the Clinic of Hope courtyard, waiting to receive Medika Mamba for their malnourished children. While this is a familiar scene for many of you, our faithful partners, Pastor Delamy shared a significant difference.

You see, some of these mothers and children came from Gonaives, one of Haiti’s larger cities about 45 minutes from Terre Blanche. Hunger and starvation are so profound in Haiti right now, that malnourished children can be found everywhere, not just in the impoverished and rural communities that HFH serves.

These mothers, regardless of where they came from, not only received Medika Mamba, but each one was given a large bag of rice to take home and share with their families.

HFH has been able to respond to the physical needs in this current situation because of your faithful generosity. Thank you! The extra food distribution of rice and beans is providing relief and encouragement and giving HOPE.

Stay tuned for details about these food distributions and how you can help…

by Katie Thom, HFH board president

Sharing Medika Mamba and rice with mothers of malnourished children.

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