Returning to Life

February 6, 2010

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Haiti Foundation of Hope board member Linda Markee, who is in Port-au-Prince with her husband, Dr. Joe Markee, sent this update on the earthquake recovery:

Port-au-Prince is returning to life. The banks are open, there are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the local outdoor markets, fuel is once again available, although the price is high. Along with the availability of fuel there are many traffic jams. People are beginning to clean up rubble.

I did go to the University of Miami Hospital, which has been set up by the airport. It is an amazing operation. One of the tents probably had over 100 patients on cots. Lots of people recovering from surgery. I did hear, however, that it is now almost too late to set fractures as the wounds are now old, so after a while people will need to have a different type of surgery.

Lots of people are talking about building a “New Haiti.” Once again I see hope in the eyes of Haitians, which to me, personally, is amazing. Joe and I also experienced this sense of hope as we worshipped with the Haitians last Sunday.

Joe and Linda plan early next week to go to Terre Blanche, a village north of Port-au-Prince, where Haiti Foundation of Hope has ongoing programs including a medical clinic. Another foundation board member, Dr. Steve Sethi, is also in Haiti.

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