Running and Relationships

May 19, 2020

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A daily run is one of my personal joys when I’m in Haiti on a medical team. Because our schedule is busy, my run generally occurs very early in the morning.

Sometimes I am blessed with another (crazy) runner on the team who is willing to rise before the sun. During these runs, I get to spend quality time with a teammate and cement a friendship. Occasionally, one of the local kids joins in, racing me to an unknown finish line.

Running along a two-mile stretch of road, I often hear “Donn” yelled out as many of the local residents know or recognize me. Sometimes I might just hear “blanc,” a term of recognition and, in my mind, of endearment. This is a great time for me to practice my very limited Creole. I shout back, “Bonjour madamn, Bonjour mesye, Koman ou ye?”

Rural Haiti is an incredibly beautiful area. There are a number of mango trees, lush greenery in the rainy season and a trickling river at the bottom of the surrounding hills.

I never forget we are there to work hard. I don’t minimize the fact we are in Haiti to help provide care for a group of people who are often forgotten.

I am thankful I have the opportunity to spend time Terre Blanche, developing relationships and serving alongside a great group of people – American and Haitian servants alike. I can’t wait until I can return.

by Donn Raymond, HFH board member

Joining the run.

Donn and running teammates.

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