Saturday Club

November 8, 2020

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Pastor Delamy shared this story.

Joel Barbot is a very good and compassionate leader and he knows how hard it is for the needy children from the villages of Desirée and Finel. These are two of the villages where HFH’s partners work.

One month ago, Joel started a children’s evangelism program that meets each Saturday – a Saturday Club.

Joel reached out to Pastor Delamy asking if he could help provide food for the children when they come. Pastor Delamy was able to say, “Yes!” because generous HFH donors give to the rice and beans fund. This partnership has enabled Joel to establish a program where children are learning about Jesus and enjoying a nutritious meal each Saturday.

This program already exists in Terre Blanche and Pastor Delamy envisions this program for the children living in Dubedou and Mammel.

This is just another example of the partnership between those doing the work in Haiti and HFH donors making it possible to help meet needs during these challenging days.

Thank You HFH Donors and Thank You Joel for your heart to share Jesus and food with children.

(Note: For HFH team members, you all know Joel as the person who hands out, and explains, the pharmacy medicines to every person coming through the Clinic of Hope when teams are there. Joel serves faithfully and with great joy.)

Saturday Club meeting in Finel.

Learning about Jesus.

Enjoying a nutritious meal.


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