Saving Children’s Lives

Medika Mamba at Work
December 10, 2017

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Malnutrition is a very real problem in Haiti. But in the last five years, more than 800 children have been treated and saved in Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities with the use of Medika Mamba.

Medika Mamba is an intervention program used by the Clinic of Hope through the community health program. This ready-to-use fortified peanut butter is a nutritional supplement specifically designed for malnourished children ages 1-5. The Medika Mamba is made in Cap Haitien by Haitians workers. The cost of a six-week treatment is about $75.

The program in Terre Blanche is run by the Haitian community health staff and volunteers and includes identifying malnourished children during monthly well-baby checks in the area. Some villages in the nearby mountains can only be reached by foot. Last month, 22 children were brought from one of these remote villages to be enrolled in the Medika Mamba program.

In November, Clinic of Hope staff and members of a Haiti Foundation of Hope medical team heard success stories from the Medika Mamba program. Dr. Dave Polage, who has been instrumental in bringing this program to Terre Blanche, gave a presentation to the group. Over 800 children have been saved through this intervention effort. Pastor Delamy commented, “Without this program there would be 800 more graves in the area.”

Haiti Foundation of Hope is thankful for the community health staff and volunteers who take the time to identify and treat the children needing nutritional supplements.


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