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Experiencing hope and joy
November 24, 2017

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2017 HFH Medical Team

To experience a medical team is to experience the love, joy and hope of the Haitian community. Working together, this team of 18 joined 30 Haitian co-workers to see over 750 patients in the Clinic of Hope.

The team saw many complicated pediatric cases during the week. Each child received the best care we could give and some were transported to a hospital for treatment and some were referred to another medical/surgical team working in the area.

One young girl was close to death when she was brought to the clinic. She had complications from drinking the river water. With the help of one of the clinic’s nurses this girl was given immediate care and then transported to a hospital for treatment. She responded to the hospital treatment and was able to return to the clinic the next day for additional blood work and reassessment. The Clinic of Hope is a place of hope.

Medika Mamba is one of the intervention programs at the Clinic of Hope. This is a peanut butter supplement fortified with vitamins and minerals and given to children ages 1-5 suffering from malnutrition. In the last 5 years more than 800 children have been treated and saved. None of these children would have survived without the Medika Mamba treatment. Medika Mamba brings hope and joy.

We are thankful for the medical staff, community health volunteers, teachers and the church and the hope they bring to this community. Pastor Delamy and Elvire serve with joy – may they have good health, stamina and wisdom.

It rained all week and this is the beginning of planting season. The land is ready but continued rain in the right amounts is needed for the crops to grow. In this time of drought the rain brings hope.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and partnership in this work.

by Dr. Joe and Linda Markee, HFH board members and team leaders

           Working together on critically ill girl

  This girl lives thanks to Medika      Mamba

                             Sharing smiles and love





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