Serving One Another

Amazing Action
November 7, 2019

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The Community Health program continues to be effective as 50 trained volunteers make home visits in Terre Blanche and five nearby villages. The volunteers work in their own villages to share knowledge and direct their neighbors to resources.

Recently, during a home visit, a community health worker found his neighbor very sick – too sick to seek help on his own.

There is no 911 to call but there are neighbors to call for help. Neighbors helped transport this man, from his home in a far village, to the Clinic of Hope using a Ti Machine (a door). Once at the clinic, the patient was greeted, assessed and given medical care.

This is a wonderful picture of serving one another: the community health volunteer saw the need, the man’s neighbors answered the call to help, and the Clinic of Hope staff provided medical care for this man.

Pastor Delamy called this “an amazing action that is possible because of all those supporting the work of HFH.”

We are a part of this amazing action as we pray and support the work of HFH.

Thank you for your support!

Patient transported on Ti Machine. Can you see the door under the blue blanket?

Clinic of Hope staff providing medical care.

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