Snapshots from the Year

December 4, 2011

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Health Training

From the December 2011 newsletter:

We have been working with our Haitian partners this past year and are looking back at all that’s been accomplished.

Two medical conferences were held at the Clinic of Hope, providing continuing education for Haitian medical professionals.

Construction on the clinic annex continues but enough of the building is finished to use it for meetings and visiting teams.

School is under way with more than 860 students.

The community health program based in Terre Blanche continues full steam ahead. The community health workers have received training on maternal health and now visit every pregnant woman in each of the three villages where they work to monitor their health, teach about danger signs to watch for during and after pregnancy, and coordinate emergency transportation for women in labor.

School Flag Raising

The program leaders are also training traditional midwives on better delivery practices, and gathering pregnant women in mothers’ clubs every month to teach health topics. Through their work, mothers lives are being saved.

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