Solar Light

Makes Work a Little Easier
March 22, 2018

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In rural Haiti there is no electricity. It is difficult to imagine living in the dark after the sun goes down but that is the norm for most of Haiti.

Libonet lives in the small village of Dubedou. He is an ambitious young man who grows a large garden for his own family as well as producing excess vegetables to sell at the market. Last year he was given a small solar light that recharges in the sun in a few short hours.

The solar light has proven very useful. Libonet uses the solar light to help with his garden irrigation. The canal supplying water to his garden is only available to him at certain times. His assigned time for opening the flood gate to his garden is eight o’clock at night.  He uses the solar light to get to and from this flood gate and to provide a light while he works the flood gate.

This combination of innovation and ambition is helping to make life a little better.

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