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February 14, 2018

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Look at the faces of these kids absolutely focused on what is just out of sight for us. This picture depicts how I feel as another team heads out to minister in Terre Blanche at the Clinic of Hope.

My heart is happy for those who go. I desire to know all that is going on and I patiently wait for news.

I wish I were with this team: to be of help and service at the clinic and to see how the school is thriving. However, right now isn’t a season where I’m free to go as often as I would like. That might be true for you as well.

So, I am learning to turn my “wish I could be there” into happy curiosity and anticipation as I wait for prayer requests, news and updates to be communicated back.

I remind myself that my role, my promise, to pray and lift up those volunteering and the patients awaiting help, is also a call. Even though I’m not there with this team, I’m still there when I offer to pray. I am still a participant.

That’s true for you as well. It may not be your season or mine to go overseas but I encourage you to stay curious. Read about Haiti in the news. Find books about Haiti. Find the local Haitian restaurant or food cart and enjoy!

To those who pray – thank you.

To those who give support to teams – thank you.

To those who follow news of Haiti to keep in touch with what is taking place – thank you.

 Thank you for keeping the work of HFH on your heart and mind and in your prayers.

by Marissa Newby, HFH board member

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