Stories of Hope

December 7, 2021

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As we look back at the year 2021, we are encouraged by stories of hope. Here are three:

1.  The mayor of a nearby town sent words of encouragement to Pastor Delamy about the care given by the staff at the Clinic of Hope. A close relative had spent three days in observation there and others have shared their experiences. He said, “Everyone has great respect for the Clinic of Hope; it is a gift of great value from God to us. If this clinic did not exist, we would bury a lot of people and pregnant women. People who come to the Clinic of Hope receive quality care. Thank you!”

2.  Last spring, two students in the Women’s Trade School started a business. Wislande Saint Pierre, third year, and Jesula Joseph, second year, baked muffins to sell in the school yard to teachers and students. This business is a result of what they are learning in the trade school. It is encouraging to see their entrepreneurship.

3.  In April, Pastor Delamy met with the 12th grade students. He encouraged them to achieve their life goals by: serving God, avoiding toxic company and to love reading good books. He used his life as an example of living life with hope – he lost his parents when he was very young.

If you would like to encourage those doing the work in Terre Blanche and support these areas of ministry, and more, see our Gift Catalog.

1. The Clinic of Hope

2. Showing entrepreneurship

3. Pastor Delamy and 12th grade students

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