Summer School 2022

August 8, 2022

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In Terre Blanche, there is a 2022 Summer School Session with a variety of classes. These classes are different than the usual Haitian mandatory academic school courses.

The Terre Blanche Education Committee designed courses that would enrich the lives of the students and challenge their minds. Dr. Jadotte and Ingenieur Wilson are just two of those involved in the curriculum and teaching.

Summer school classes for 2022 include:

And we can’t forget lunch!

Pastor Delamy added, “I appreciate Belina’s heart, and working together with the other staff, to serve lunches to the children.”

In these days of food insecurity in Haiti, the daily meals mean so much to these growing children. Your donations to school lunches make this possible.

Basic First Aid – Heimlich Maneuver

Computer class



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