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August 25, 2022

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Haiti continues to suffer under extraordinary circumstances. Gangs are controlling the roads and have locked down the country. Haitians are demonstrating and protesting the violence, insecurity and inflation. This means there is almost no movement within Haiti.

This lockdown affects businesses, banks, clinics, doctor’s offices, food distributions, schools and travel within the country. Fuel also remains difficult to find or to afford.

This week, Clinic of Hope staff from Gonaives have been unable to travel safely to Terre Blanche. Fortunately, Dr. Jadotte and three nurses were at the Clinic of Hope before the lockdown and are keeping the clinic running.

As Delamy likes to say, “We are here and continue to serve the people.”

Delamy had ordered 20 bags of cement to be picked up before the lockdown, so Haitians are able to continue work on the Maternity Center.

There is much talk about whether school will open in a few weeks, but in Terre Blanche the school uniform fabric is being distributed to students.

Circumstances are difficult but we always see HOPE in Terre Blanche. 

written by Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emeritas

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