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October 7, 2020

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In September, HFH Board President Katie Thom shared about the many challenges facing those in Haiti at this time, including the lack of food.

Many of you responded by giving to the Emergency Relief Fund and Pastor Delamy was able to arrange two food distributions last week.

Pastor Delamy, the Clinic of Hope staff, the community health workers and so many others will continue to seek out those who are most desperate and in need during this time. Food distributions will continue because you responded so generously. Thank you!

Pastor Delamy sent this message:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the love of the Lord Jesus,  

All who support Haiti Foundation of Hope are our God-given gifts in Haiti. Had it not been for you, we would not have been able to give the quality of service that we are giving in this very difficult time.

We thank you and covet your continuous prayers.

For the Lord’s cause, Delamy

Last week, this rally post was held to identify the severely malnourished children. Toys were shared with the children and parents were given rice and corn. The black plastic bags you see contain the rice and corn – a gift of life and hope.

Pregnant women were invited to come to the Clinic of Hope last week for a food distribution. The black plastic bags are filled with rice and corn and ready to take home.

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