How is it in Haiti?

September 25, 2020

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Pastor Delamy tells us that he has NEVER seen it this bad. Rain is falling in Haiti, but there are no crops planted because people have not had money to buy seeds. The political instability in the country has crippled the economy. There are barricades of burning tires as people continue their political rioting. Famine is the word being used to describe the situation in Haiti. Rice has been difficult to find and at times there have been no beans available.

For the past few months, HFH has been able to respond to the need by sending extra funds to Terre Blanche to purchase rice and beans. Pastor Delamy, the Clinic of Hope staff, the community health workers and so many others, are working tirelessly to seek out those who are most desperate and in need during this time.

Pastor Delamy reminds us, “We cannot serve in this way without all the supporters of Haiti Foundation of Hope.”

Your prayer and financial support is needed now, more than ever.

GIVE online to our Emergency Relief Fund to purchase rice and beans for those in need.

PRAY for the rice and beans to be multiplied, like loaves and fishes.

PRAY that Pastor Delamy and his team will be led to those who need it most.

PRAY that these meals of rice and beans will instill Hope.

by Katie Thom, HFH Board President

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