The Importance of Food

January 25, 2010

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Pastor Delamy and his wife Elvire, in-country partners with Haiti Foundation of Hope, have been working alongside international aid workers following the earthquake and are preparing for the arrival of more medical teams in February. The upcoming teams plan to work at the Clinic of Hope, north of Port-au-Prince.

Delamy reports that help is needed everywhere in Haiti but that the situation in Port-au-Prince is the worst and many people are leaving the capital city. The hospitals in Gonaives, a city north of Port-au-Prince, are full and having visiting medical teams nearby at the Clinic of Hope is a necessity.

In addition to medical care, food has become a critical need. Prior to the earthquake, having enough food had been a struggle for many people in Haiti. Whether offering school lunches or handing out beans and rice to patients at the Clinic of Hope, food distribution has been a part of the work of Haiti Foundation of Hope and will continue as we help people in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Photo: Prior to this month’s earthquake, workers unload bags of rice and beans to be distributed at the Clinic of Hope.

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