The Work Continues

Haitian Staff and Volunteers
April 1, 2021

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Staff from the Clinic of Hope work at a remote clinic in a nearby community.

One of Haiti Foundation of Hope’s core values is “Local Ownership and Initiative.” We endeavor to support Haitians as they organize the ministry in Terre Blanche.

Despite the recent political instability and daily challenges in Haiti, God is doing amazing things through our Haitian friends.

The Clinic of Hope is operated by Haitian medical staff. Pastor Delamy describes the situation in Haiti as being the worst he has ever seen but great hope continues to be delivered in unique ways through the Clinic of Hope.

The clinic is open seven days a week and the dedicated medical staff continue to see patients. In addition, staff members travel to other communities to hold single-event clinics to reach those without access to medical care. Rice and beans are being distributed to those most in need.

The community health program remains strong and volunteers continue to invest in their neighbors and nearby communities.

The school in Terre Blanche is open with 870 students enrolled in prekindergarten through secondary school. Lunch is provided to each student and is an essential part of the day.

The women’s trade school offers an education that helps woman provide for their families. Last December, 24 women graduated from the program, making a total of 99 graduates since 2006.

Due to political unrest and global health concerns, the last volunteer team to travel to Haiti was in March 2019. All of the ongoing work in Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities is being done by Haitian staff and volunteers. We are so proud of our team in Haiti.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would give them wisdom as they share the love of Christ. Pray for HFH’s board of directors as they seek to continue to encourage the leadership in Haiti.

Haiti Foundation of Hope would not exist without our financial partners. Thank you!


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