Translator Appreciation

Working Together
May 29, 2018

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Translators and medical staff at the Clinic of Hope.

The months of May and June are full of days to share gratitude for many influential people in our lives: Mother’s Day, Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, Memorial Day and Father’s Day to name just a few.

As I have been reflecting on how much growth has happened in Terre Blanche the past few years, I was struck by the reality that none of it would be possible without our translators. Besides their primary role of translating for our providers and patients, which is no easy task in a rural clinic, they help us build relationships with the staff at the Clinic of Hope, community health workers, teachers, and support staff.

They explain cultural nuances and share with us the realities of living in Haiti. They partner with us in being the hands and feet of Jesus in Terre Blanche, lovingly caring for those seeking Hope. I am so grateful for their friendships and inspired by their servant hearts. Thank you, translators!

* According to a Google search, International Translation Day is September 30. I’m marking it on my calendar!

By Katie Thom, HFH board member

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