A New Chapter

Developing Team Leaders
May 29, 2018

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The March Haiti Foundation of Hope team led by new leader Katie Thom, another HFH board member.

Haiti Foundation of Hope sends four medical teams to Haiti each year. A typical team is made up of about 16 members with half of those being medical professionals and the other half being support personnel.

From a leadership perspective, preparing for a team is a task few are aware of because most of the tasks are completed behind the scenes.  Haiti Foundation of Hope has led more than 50 teams to Haiti so many of the details have been smoothed out. To the credit of Haiti Foundation of Hope’s founders, Joe and Linda Markee, team members can board the plane from all parts of the country and expect to arrive in Terre Blanche 24 hours later, tired but ready to start a fully planned week of work.

Several board members are beginning a new chapter as volunteers by stepping into “team leader” roles. Joe and Linda will continue to travel with the teams but others are beginning to assume more of the team leader responsibilities. Developing other leaders is at the core of growing a sustainable organization. We are excited about expanding the team leadership roles so that we can continue our work in Haiti.

By Dave Zollner, HFH board member and March 2019 co-team leader

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