Impact of Micro-Loans

May 5, 2014

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By Ron Kinley, HFH board member

Dieucilien, chairman of the Micro-loan Committee, and his new motorcycle used for traveling to meet with small business owners.

One of the ways that Haiti Foundation of Hope supports people living in rural northern Haiti is through a micro-loan program and I am happy to report that the total amount now being used for these micro-loans is more than $23,000.

A fun detail from my last trip to Haiti is something that Pastor Delamy, one of our Haitian partners, told us. He was expressing how pleased he was with the impact of the micro-loans in the villages. For example, offerings in the local church have increased as a result of the many small businesses started with micro-loans and the financial lessons the business owners are learning through the micro-loan training.

You can be pleased with the effect your gifts are having in an area that is considered to be the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Your generosity is making it possible for many families to rise out of that situation. It is encouraging to see firsthand how God uses his people to help others. You play a critical role in making a long-term difference in the lives of people who lack basic resources. Thank you for your prayers and gifts.

Above is a picture of Dieucilien, the chairman of our Micro-loan Committee, and his new motorcycle. He is the principal of the elementary school in Dubedou, a village near Terre Blanche. The money to purchase the motorcycle was provided by friends who knew of the need and the value of this “tool” for his work. Motorcycles are a primary means of transportation in Haiti. Dieucilien is now able to travel to the several villages where the micro-loan borrowers live.

You will notice that he does have a helmet and he does wear it. You will also notice how stony the ground is. That is why he purchased an off-road type of bike. Most of the roads in rural Haiti are rocky and rutted and full of large potholes.

Your interest and participation in this work is greatly appreciated. We covet your ongoing prayers for the multiple projects that are part of Haiti Foundation of Hope. You can donate online to the micro-loan program and give hope to small business owners in Haiti.

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