A Dream Fulfilled

July 20, 2023

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Many years ago, a group of us on a HFH medical team visited a Women’s Club meeting in Terre Blanche. These clubs, organized by the community health volunteers, not only bring women together but also help educate women on a variety of topics.

At that meeting, one woman in our group, a social worker, asked to speak to the women about violence within the home on women and children. With the help of a translator, she gave a fifteen-minute talk. We knew this would not be enough to cover the topic, but it was a beginning.

Fast forward to 2023. We have new Haitian medical care providers who are well connected to services and organizations within the country. Dr. Jadotte has recently finished medical school and residency training, and is now assistant medical director at the Clinic of Hope. He is a man of compassion, energy and dedication to the people of the Terre Blanche area. Last month he organized a four-hour training workshop on “gender-based violence” with trainers from the Caris Foundation.

The session helped everyone to recognize the different types of violence and the consequences of physical, social and economic violence. The 25 community health volunteers who attended are now equipped to identify and fight against cases of violence, harassment and rape in the communities.

 “What we here in the USA can only dream of, God can fulfill.”

by Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita

Workshop attendees.

Certificates of completion.

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