A Prayer

June 21, 2021

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Covid cases have surged, violence and insecurity are widespread.

During these challenging days in Haiti, two HFH supporters sent these words of encouragement and a prayer to Pastor Delamy and Elvire.

Thank you for your faithful and steadfast service in the face of so many trials. We are both deeply saddened by the circumstances you’re facing daily and the impacts they’re having on so many lives and, at the same time, inspired and challenged by your creative, spirit-led responses and in the way you’re carrying on in spite of things. We are honored to walk with you, even if from a distance.

We are praying for supernatural refreshment for your souls, protection for you and yours, and continued and expansive fruit from your ministry to the beloved Haitians in your care.

Would you join us this week in praying for those in Haiti?

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