God’s Timing

Thankful for new structures
June 21, 2021

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I am sitting here in Vancouver on a cold rainy day in June, thinking about another lost trip to Haiti where it is sunny and warm. A few HFH board members were going to take supplies and encouragement to our partners in Haiti. Sadly, Pastor Delamy had to cancel this trip. We Americans were going to stay near the Port-au-Prince airport and let our partners travel to us. However, a surge in Covid cases in Haiti and the insecurity issues make travel for our partners impossible.

Our team anticipated a time of joyous celebration, planning for the future, praying and worshiping together. Although I am disappointed, I know Pastor Delamy and his team are even more disappointed.

Pastor Delamy called again this week, seeking encouragement. After praying together, Delamy’s spirits lifted as he talked about the new tonèl and the new staff rooms and their importance to the community in Terre Blanche. Reflecting on these recent building projects, I once again recognize God’s perfect timing and am thankful.

A tonèl (gazebo-like structure) has been a dream for the women’s trade school for many years. It will also be used for smaller meetings, worship, Sunday school and more. I believe God delights in miracles and the tonèl is a miracle – a donor offered to fund the entire project, including the furnishings. The tonèl was started last fall and is now complete. In early June, the Haitian government issued a new declaration due to the Covid case surge: inside worship services are prohibited. Sunday, June 13, was the first outside worship in the school compound. The steps of the tonèl served as a pulpit.

The second building project is the five self-contained bedrooms, a living room and a small kitchen for the professional staff. A second floor was added to the annex for these rooms. These are beautiful, clean, safe and secure rooms with internet. The Clinic of Hope has remained open and fully staffed even during these challenging times. Haitian health care providers are happy to have a home-like place to stay while working daily and being on-call nightly for emergencies.

We talk about the problems and difficulties of life in Haiti, but Pastor Delamy has a way of directing us to see God’s provisions and His perfect timing. For 28 years I’ve listened to Delamy share hope and praise God in all things.

Once again, I learn Hope Gives Life! – Espaw fe Viv!  I trust God will send our teams back to Haiti in His timing.

By Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita

The tonèl allows for outside gatherings for Sunday services. Here people are arriving early and social distancing.

Children in the evangelism program are leading a Sunday afternoon program teaching adults the importance of wearing masks.


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