Community Health Central Committee At Work

March 30, 2020

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Haiti is in lockdown to deal with COVID-19. For most people in Haiti this is more than just an inconvenience – this is a hardship. Most people live life on a day-to-day basis and do not have pantries with stockpiles of food and other necessities. Many do not have connections to receive accurate information regarding the virus and precautionary steps to take.

In Terre Blanche, Pastor Delamy, Elvire and the rest of the leadership team have been working for several weeks to develop strategies and educate people in the surrounding villages.

Sunday morning, March 29, the Central Committee for the Community Health Program met to receive hygiene supplies and continue strategy planning. Soap, clorox, buckets with lids and spigots, rice and beans were distributed to these leaders to share with the community health volunteers in the villages. These items will make their way into the hands of those needing them, along with prevention education.

Would you please add these leaders and the sixty community health volunteers in these villages to your prayer list?

HFH is thankful for these dedicated individuals who love and care for their neighbors. May God give them strength and wisdom in the days ahead.

Members of the Community Health Program Central Committee.

Receiving hygiene supplies.

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