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March 24, 2020

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With the recent news of COVID-19 cases reported in Haiti, I have been praying for my Haitian friends. As I pray, I am remembering the positive changes that have occurred in Terre Blanche that can make a difference as they prepare to deal with COVID-19.

Handwashing . . . has saved lives in Terre Blanche and its surrounding areas over the past 10 years. Data from our community health program showed that in 2013, only 15% of mothers of young children could identify when/how to wash their hands. Just three years later, after the community health program focused education on handwashing, the percentage rose to 95%. It remains at this high level.

Education has raised awareness . . . on how tuberculosis and other diseases are spread. People are learning that bacteria and viruses cause disease and that there are ways to stop the spread of diseases. People have learned about diarrheal illnesses, pneumonia, cholera, STD’s, tuberculosis, chikungunya, zika and now, coronavirus.

Over the years, people in Terre Blanche and surrounding villages have received health information through many different channels: Clinic of Hope, community health workers, mother’s clubs, school and church.

I am thankful for these positive changes and will continue to pray with HOPE.

by Katie, Thom, R.N., HFH board member

Clinic of Hope staff share health information with mothers at a March 2018 gathering.

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