Looking Beyond Ourselves

To Serve Others
April 3, 2020

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Experiencing pain, loss, fear and anxiety tends to narrow our focus on our personal struggle.

Discomfort is not something we choose. Yet, in this time of a global pandemic virus, it can be a time to reflect on how our perspective changes.

Wisdom invites us to acknowledge that we are not in control, acknowledge the One who is, respond with gratitude and look beyond ourselves to serve others.

Haiti is now experiencing the effects of a virus that could take a much deeper toll because of limited resources including food, sanitation and access to medical care.

Haiti Foundation of Hope is in regular communication with the leadership in Terre Blanche to assess and respond with spiritual, financial and emotional support.

Join us in this challenging time to look beyond ourselves and to serve others wherever you are.

by Dave Zollner, HFH board member

A smile – because we can all use one today.

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