Demonstration in Terre Blanche

A Different Kind
October 9, 2019

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Today in Terre Blanche there was a demonstration of a different kind. A group of people met this morning for a constructive demonstration on how to avoid soil erosion. A very useful demonstration in a country that experiences heavy tropical rain storms that can wash away valuable soil.

More than just rocks.

Terre Blanche is rural and well off any main road so demonstrations that are impacting the larger cities are not happening here. How encouraging to see a constructive demonstration while elsewhere in the country there are destructive demonstrations.

Please continue to pray for peace as the instability in Haiti continues. The country is still in lock down with people demonstrating and demanding change.

Please pray for God’s provision and wisdom for HFH’s in-country partner. There are many needs and decisions to make as this lock down continues and food and fuel resources are dwindling.

Constructive demonstration: how to avoid soil erosion.


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