Navigating Difficult Times

Haiti in lock down since mid-September
October 3, 2019

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Haiti has been in lock down since mid-September. Schools, banks and businesses are closed. There is unrest and uncertainty throughout the country.

It is not clear what the days ahead will bring. In a country where so many live day-to-day, this lock down is causing major hardships as people are unable to get out and about to buy food and other daily needs.

In Terre Blanche the schools and Clinic of Hope continue to function but it is not easy. HFH and in-country partners covet your prayers as we navigate these difficult times.

From Pastor Delamy:

Greetings to all who are concerned about what is going on in Haiti. It is a very lamentable unlivable situation for everyone. It has been several weeks with all of Haiti in lock down.

The lock down is affecting everyone. Right now everything is closed and there are violent demonstrations everywhere.

Right now my ministry is having more challenges, making everything more than hard. Right now we have no fuel.

In Terre Blanche and the other six communities served through the community health program there is no harvest. No harvest means no food. There is no harvest because the good rain started very late. People have no seeds in reserve from last year and they are afraid to borrow money to buy seeds for fear of losing another harvest.

The community health volunteers have their own problems and when they go for home visits they find people in worse situations.

Requests for food and other needs are multiple and they multiply in my head.

Besides the lock down, one week ago all of Gonaives was under water and several of our employees had flood waters coming into their homes.

Thank you for your prayers and I am encouraged to know that so many are thinking and praying for the situation in Haiti.

From the board of HFH:

These are big challenges but our big God is able to meet the challenges through His people.

Donations will buy what is available to meet the needs of those in Terre Blanche and surrounding communities. You can give to the Emergency Fund and 100% of those funds will be used to meet the needs caused by this lock down situation.

A gift of any amount will make a difference. You can make an online tax-deductible donation of any amount directly to Haiti Foundation of Hope.

Thank you for praying and supporting the work of HFH.

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