Difficult Times in Haiti

The Work Continues and You Can Help
August 6, 2019

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Haiti has been in a state of unrest since February, making daily life difficult for many Haitians. Traveling has been unsafe and food prices have increased. Because of the unrest and safety concerns in traveling to Terre Blanche, HFH has cancelled three volunteer teams this year. 

However, the Clinic of Hope has remained open and the staff continues to see patients. School remained opened though most of the summer and will start again this fall. The work of reaching this part of Haiti continues as HFH works with our in-country partners to meet needs.

Pastor Delamy provided this recent update:

Many people know that the Clinic of Hope in Terre Blanche has remained open during the violent demonstrations these past six months.  
We continue to thank God for each staff member who has given so much time to serve the population. Several of the staff did not go home for one month. They continued to work day and night.
We are thankful for their competence, compassion, professionalism and dedication.  
Hope is spreading in this remote area of Haiti, where once there was no medical care! 

Please join us as we pray for peace and that people would feel safe and secure as they go about their daily lives.

In times of unrest, people’s limited resources are often stretched even thinner. HFH and in-country partners are there to help meet needs.  Would you consider a special gift at this time? You can designate to a specific ministry or to the greatest need. Thank you!

This woman was in a motorcycle accident and came to the Clinic of Hope where she knew there would be care.
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