School in the Summer

Learning and Lunch
August 4, 2019

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It may be summer but educational activities are still happening in Terre Blanche. Also, a nutritious lunch is being served to all the children who come. These daily lunches help families who have limited resources to feed their children. Good food and learning – a winning combination!

On any given day you will see students learning the basics in the computer lab or working in the library. Other staff are engaging the younger students in fun activities that promote learning.

A very practical learning opportunity has been created by one of the staff members.  Belina is a trained chef and has been teaching students cooking and nutrition. This information can be shared with their families and, hopefully, in the future these students will have well-nourished children because of these teachings.

What a great summer school the students in Terre Blanche are having!

We are thankful for the dedicated staff in Terre Blanche and HFH’s generous donors who make the ongoing education and the daily lunches possible in this part of Haiti. The future looks bright for these students.

You can encourage and help support these eager students by buying books or uniforms or supporting a primary or secondary student. You can also help support one of their dedicated and caring teachers. And you can help provide daily lunches. Any donation will help provide learning opportunities for these children.

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