School Uniforms

A Big Deal
August 9, 2019

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For many students in the United States, a school uniform is not a big deal. But imagine if you had only one outfit or had no clothes to wear to school – then a school uniform becomes a big deal.

In Haiti, every student wears a uniform which acts as an equalizer among students. In Terre Blanche, the uniform for elementary students consists of an aqua gingham-checked blouse or shirt and grey pants, or skirt or jumper. 

Haiti Foundation of Hope provides the fabric for these uniforms and it is the responsibility of the parents to have the fabric sewn into a uniform. Each student has one uniform for the school year.

During July and August, after purchasing the fabric, Elvire and her staff are busy cutting and packaging the fabric. The children are measured and the uniform fabric is distributed to families.

There is a lot of pride in these uniforms and you often see children wearing them not only to school, but also to church. Some of the younger students will have their names embroidered onto the uniform. 

The board of HFH is so very grateful for all our partners who provide these uniforms. Thank you!

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