Food is a Miracle

July 23, 2020

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“Pastor, I am talking on behalf of every one who has received food today. This food is a miracle from God to each of us. We are praying for you and for the people who give you ways to help us. Thank you, Pastor.”

A man stood up and spoke these words after a food distribution yesterday in two villages where HFH is involved. Three Clinic of Hope staff, as well as community health workers from those villages, were able to share rice and beans rice with those who came.

Among those receiving the food were over 45 pregnant women. Miss Fredeline, a nurse from the Clinic of Hope, spent time talking with them about prenatal care and encouraged them to go to the clinic to be seen. Each woman left with prenatal vitamins.

Pastor Delamy reminded us, “We cannot serve in this way without all the supporters of Haiti Foundation of Hope. Thank you!”

To all who support the work of HFH – you are a part of God’s miracle of food. Thank you for sharing HOPE!

Meeting in the church to distribute rice and beans.

Clinic of Hope staff sharing prenatal vitamins with pregnant women.

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