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September 7, 2020

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The news from Haiti seems a world away while our country wrestles with the COVID-19 global pandemic, protests, layoffs, unemployment and homelessness.

In Haiti, the political unrest continues. The COVID-19 concerns are on top of limited access to fuel, electricity and jobs. Safety is a daily reality. At a more basic level is the continued need for access to food and medical care.

Haiti Foundation of Hope continues to provide consistent financial support to our partners in northern Haiti during this critical time. The Clinic of Hope, nutrition program, Community Health program and Women’s Trade School continue to operate. The primary and secondary schools have had to make adjustments and continue to serve daily lunches to students. Additional funds have been given to purchase food for those in need.

Sometimes numbers can help paint a picture of an organization. Here is a picture of HFH’s fiscal year that ended 6/30/2020:

Haiti Foundation Hope continues in this essential ministry because of your support. Thank you!

by Dave Zollner, HFH Board Member and Board Treasurer

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