Preparing School Lunches

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July 18, 2020

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How do you prepare food to feed almost 1,000 students during the school year or 200-300 students during these summer months?

…with InStoves and love.

The InStoves are extremely efficient wood-fired stoves. These stoves use very little wood to cook a 100-liter pot of rice and are used every day to prepare a lunch of rice and beans for the students.

Before these donated stoves were installed at the Terre Blanche school a few years ago, the women who prepared the meals labored over small open fires for many hours a day, breathing the unhealthy smoke.

These InStoves have made the task of feeding the students much easier. Now those preparing the lunches are able to work fewer hours and no longer have to breath the smoke.

We are thankful for the dedicated women who prepare these lunches with love throughout the year.

Schools in Haiti have been closed due to the coronavirus since mid-March. However, in Terre Blanche students have been welcomed into the school cafeteria to continue to receive a nutritious lunch during the closure. For many of these students this is their only meal of the day.

In the best of times, life can be challenging in Haiti but the coronavirus has added another layer of hardship for many. These school lunches are a gift of life to these children and their families.

You can help us continue to provide these daily lunches to students by donating to school lunches.

by Ron Kinley, HFH board member


Only small amounts of wood are needed.

Preparing lunch.


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