Going Home With Joy

October 22, 2021

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Story #1:

Recently, there was a food distribution for pregnant women from Terre Blanche and Dubedou. Along with food, these women were given pre-natal instructions. The food is especially important when a woman does not have enough food for her family or herself.

Pastor Delamy reported that these women went home with joy, praising God and saying, “Manna is coming down today!”

Story #2:

In early October, Dr. Jadotte, Mme Charles (nurse midwife) and Mme Silia met with midwives from several communities. The meeting was to encourage these midwives, share information and give them a tour of the Clinic of Hope. The Clinic of Hope is staffed 24/7 and can be a valuable resource as these midwives serve their communities.

Both of these stories have something in common – people who care.

What amazing partnerships that make a difference in lives!

Thank you for your part in making a difference.

Story #1: Food distribution

Story #2: Meeting with midwives

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