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November 7, 2022

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Community Health volunteers have been making home visits in their villages for many years. You often hear of the villages of Terre Blanche, Dubedou and Finel but there are other villages further up the mountains that can only be reached by walking.

Last June, Community Health volunteers and Clinic of Hope staff met to brainstorm about home visits to these remote villages.

Since that time, Community Health volunteers have accompanied Clinic of Hope staff to outlying villages for home visits on scheduled days. People are assessed, advised on treatment and referred to the Clinic of Hope, if needed. At times, Community Health volunteers have already identified homes to visit and at other times an open air setting is created for all to come.

Dr. Jadotte, Miss Jandeline, Miss Veronicas and Mercidieu are just a few of the Clinic of Hope staff who have traveled with the Community Health volunteers to the villages of Tete Canal, Dorlette, Nan Michel, Mammel and Jacobin. On one trip, Dr. Jadotte and Miss Jandeline, along with two volunteers, visited 11 homes and saw 45 people.

People with diabetes or hypertension have been identified. Pregnant women are given prenatal care and told about the maternity services at the Clinic of Hope. Malnourished children are placed on Medika Mamba and followed for six weeks.

Providing home services to these remote and underserved villages shows the care and dedication of the both the Community Health volunteers and Clinic of Hope staff.

These are just a few of the ways our partners in Terre Blanche are meeting needs and making a difference. Your generous gifts continue to help our partners meet challenges during these difficult days. Thank you!

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