Loss of a Friend

Remembering Dieumaitre
August 29, 2022

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We received word that a friend in Terre Blanche, who was part of every HFH team, passed away Monday, August 22.

Mom Linda shares these words about Dieumaitre Marcellus:

I have been working in Terre Blanche since 1996. This was long before I could speak Creole and greet people each morning. However, there is one person that I remember from my first team:  Dieumaitre Marcellus.

He had a warm smile that one does not forget. And he was always there. Each time we arrived at the gate – he was there. Each time we pulled out of Terre Blanche – he was there. Whenever he was needed – he was there  

Dieumaitre was kind, helpful beyond words, generous and humble. He was a true servant of the Lord. Very early, he would accompany others to the church daily to sing and pray. In 2008, Dieumaitre donated land to build a larger church for the growing congregation.

He was one of the nighttime guards who stood watch over the teams so we could sleep peacefully. Dieumaitre lived directly across the road from the school yard gate and we would often hear music coming from his yard.

I will miss him, as will the village of Terre Blanche and all who knew him!

written by Linda Markee (Mom Linda), HFH Founder Emerita

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