Just to keep you posted…part 1

October 16, 2019

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Haiti continues to be in lock down which has made daily life challenging.

Pastor Delamy has been faithful to send emails with photos and stories of what is happening in Terre Blanche. He said, “I am thankful to be locked into Terre Blanche and not locked out.” He ends each email with “Just to keep you posted.”

Just to keep you posted…

School is closed in most parts of Haiti due to the lock down but in Terre Blanche the school has remained open.  In a community where there was no school before 1996, we want the children to stay in the habit of going to school. The elementary school was started in 1996 with 65 children and there are now almost 1,000 enrolled from pre-k through grade 12.

Because of the fuel shortage teachers are not able to travel from Gonaives but other staff, pastors and medical personnel have stepped in to substitute with creative lesson plans.

Food reserves to provide a daily lunch for the students are getting low but we praise God that the children have been fed each day.

Emergency funds have been used to buy rice when it can be found. The price of rice is higher than usual because the fuel shortage has made it difficult to transport goods around the country.

Please pray for God’s provision.

If God touches your heart to be a part of His provision you can donate to the nutrition program which provides beans and rice for the school lunches and to others in need. Any amount makes a difference.

Students ready for lunch today. The cafeteria can hold about 300 children at each seating.

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