Keeping the Lights On

October 9, 2022

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For most of us, it’s just a simple flip of a switch to turn on the lights but in Terre Blanche, where there is no electrical service, it’s not so easy.

For years, the Clinic of Hope has relied on a combination of solar and diesel generator power to provide the necessary electricity to keep the Clinic of Hope operational. However, this last summer the lights nearly went out.

As political and social unrest in Haiti has grown over the last several years, the availability of gas and diesel fuel has decreased dramatically. Electricity is critical for the clinic – it not only provides lights, but it powers the pump for well water, allows doctors and nurses to run vital equipment like the ultrasound machine, operates fans, and keeps cell phones charged and the Wi-Fi system up for communications.

When the solar batteries run low, the clinic’s generator, which runs on diesel, is fired up and keeps things going. In late July, Pastor Delamy contacted the HFH Board to let us know that the diesel fuel supply for the clinic was nearly gone and that the 16 batteries for the solar power system had failed. In fact, a few days later the old batteries caught fire but were quickly extinguished. In Pastor Delamy’s estimation, the clinic would be completely without power in less than a week.

By God’s grace and the generous support of HFH partners, money was available to purchase new batteries.

Thankfully, the deep cycle marine type batteries were available in Gonaives, a much shorter and safer drive than Port-au- Prince. The price was very reasonable because few people were buying batteries. The new batteries were purchased and installed just in time and clinic didn’t miss a beat.

Today, the Clinic of Hope staff keeps the doors open and continues to serve the local people despite the hardships and dangers they face. The clinic operates on solar power alone as the diesel fuel supply has run out. Recently, Pastor Delamy reported that fuel prices have risen to as much as $60.00 per gallon in places, but even at that price there is none to be had.

We are thankful for God’s continued love and grace poured out on this ministry and for all the generous donors who support Haiti Foundation of Hope. Thank you.

 by Ron Whitted, HFH board member

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