Finding Hope in Dark Days

September 26, 2022

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Saintil is a brave eight-year-old boy who arrived at the Clinic of Hope with his mother and older sister. They had traveled through road blocks seeking medical care.

The medical staff welcomed Saintil immediately and found him to be extremely ill. He was lethargic, emaciated, in poor general health with signs and symptoms of acute respiratory distress, severe malnutrition, severe dehydration and a distended tender abdomen. He did not speak for several days.

The medical staff felt the road blocks and countrywide instability would make it difficult to transport Saintil to Gonaives. They decided to keep him at the Clinic of Hope where he could get appropriate care, including Medika Mamba, a vitamin and mineral fortified peanut butter mixture.

Pastor Delamy said, “For 24 days, despite the country in the locked down situation, our staff attended him day and night with a spirit of mercy and compassion.”

Saintil’s condition is now stabilized. He is happy, smiling and ready to travel home. His family arrived with very sad hearts, thinking he was going to die right away. Now they are smiling and call the Clinic of Hope the “Clinic of Miracles.”

This story comes from emails from Pastor Delamy and Dr. Jadotte

HFH is pleased to partner with these dedicated professionals who provide excellent care to all who come to the Clinic of Hope. Saintil is just one example of how the Clinic of Hope staff works together in these difficult times.

The life-saving Medika Mamba that Saintil received was purchased with donations from HFH supporters. Thank you! What a team God has put together!

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