Medical Conference Update

Postponed Due to COVID-19
April 9, 2020

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The 2020 medical conference in Terre Blanche that was scheduled to take place on April 18 has been postponed due to the current COVID-19 health crisis.

2017 Medical Conference.

Just like so many countries around the world, Haiti has been impacted by COVID-19. People there are facing restrictions on travel and large gatherings so the conference is being postponed until a safer time.

This past year has been difficult in Haiti – even before COVID-19. Due to political unrest, we have had to cancel visiting medical teams; but the work in Terre Blanche continues. Those in Terre Blanche were taking the lead to plan and host this year’s medical conference with presentations by Haitian medical professionals.

As the world struggles with the current global pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of community medical professionals and the training they receive. We look forward to a time when the 11th annual medical conference in Terre Blanche can take place.

Learn how you can sponsor Haitian medical professionals so they can attend a future conference. Read more about the conference and its significance.

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