Team Work

September 5, 2022

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I have heard it said, “Not much can be accomplished for the greater good without team work,” and I am reminded of this when I watch Haitians pour cement.

Mixing and pouring cement is a huge group effort. There are no cement trucks so everything is accomplished by hand. Large groups of people will gather before daybreak and begin to haul water. They mix the cement and shovel it into buckets. A bucket brigade is formed as the buckets of cement are quickly passed from one person to another on the ground, up the ladder and across the roof to where it is needed.

It is hard work, but it also seems like the whole community takes pleasure in it. They laugh, joke and often sing as they work. And if there are musicians, they play along. In the hot Haitian sun, the team works with joy until nightfall.

At this time in Terre Blanche, the team is busy working on the Markee Maternity Center.

by Linda Markee, HFH Founder Emerita

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