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April 1-11
April 11, 2020

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Pastor Delamy is faithfully sending updates and photos from Terre Blanche. The theme in each update:  The work continues because of God through Haiti Foundation of Hope and its supporters.

Here are a few stories from this week.

Handwashing bucket stations have been placed inside and outside the Clinic of Hope. These stations have also been placed outside the gates where women are selling food.

Mirline and Silia shared supplies and taught proper handwashing techniques using tippy taps to those in the community.

Miss Jupsline, nurse midwife, was working by herself over the weekend. Two ladies in labor came in at the same time. Pastor Delamy’s email had asked for prayer for strength and wisdom during this time. This is an ongoing prayer for all those involved in ministry in Terre Blanche.

Miss Fredeline and Miss Jupsline are working together to serve others at the Clinic of Hope.

Madame Elvire and Belina are making masks. They will be sharing the pattern with the Women’s Trade School students.

The Clinic of Hope’s dedicated staff is making it possible to serve all those who come.

A trip was made to Cap Haitien, in the north, to pick up Medika Mamba. This is a life-saving nutritional supplement for malnourished children.

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