One Hundred Percent! Again.

September 14, 2022

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When asked, “What is the most important issue for your child’s future?” Haitians will immediately respond, “Education.”

HFH has worked with Pastor Delamy for many years to provide quality education for the children in the Terre Blanche area by building both a primary and a secondary school.

In Haiti all sixth, ninth and twelfth grade students are required to pass a national exam before advancing to the next grade. One hundred percent of the very first class of sixth grade students in Terre Blanche passed!

But there was no secondary school in the area at that time for students to continue their education after sixth grade. In 2008, a secondary school was built in Terre Blanche with funds from HFH supporters. Seventh grade students could now work towards finishing their education dreams. Each year another grade was added until there are now 12 grades . . . and we can’t forget the pre-kindergarten that was also added.

Pastor Delamy tells us the students in Terre Blanche school continue to excel. Just this last June, 37 ninth grade students took the national exam and one hundred percent passed!

We are very proud of our students. It is remarkable that they continue to excel even in these difficult times with food and fuel shortages, as well as risks of kidnapping.

Years ago, parents in Terre Blanche were asked, “What would you like to have to improve your lives?”   They answered, “A light source in our homes.”   “Why?”   They responded, “Then our children can do their homework at home at night.”

Education is important and valued by students and their families in Terre Blanche.

Lespwa fè viv / Hope gives life. . . and education gives hope.

by Joe Markee, HFH Founder Emeritus

You can help us keep the education dreams alive for these children – they are the future of Haiti: support primary students; support secondary students; support a teacher; provide school books, provide uniforms; or provide school lunches.

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